Videospot is a state of the art digital signage SaaS platform with a high-quality range of services.

It is a collaborative, all profiles, open and transparent tool. For relevant, rich, easy and simple signage projects.

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Plug & Display Dolution

Automated installation in 3 steps

  • - Select an available license.
  • - Type in 3 digit player code (visible on screen).
  • - Manage scalable deployment and networks DHCP, WIFI, 4G, VLAN, IP with our Deployment and Support Module. Simply plug in a USB key to set up.

Drag & Drop Platform

Videospot is made for content, people and project management.

  • - All content is supported.
  • - External web content integration with strong API.
  • - Unlimited user-roles.

Reliable & Relevant

No black screen ever. Because Gscreen also helps you to monitor and maintain your network, you always know what is going on both for the device itself and for your content.

Tailored Broadcasting

  • - Scheduling differentiation by screen and/or location.
  • - Multilevel programming with central + local content.
  • - Real-time content preview, follow-up, change, and monitoring.

Sustainable Data Management

  • - Optimized Bandwidth according to bandwidth allocation and business needs.
  • - Scheduling validation workflow and predictive scheduling.

SaaS-based Solution

  • - A global, scalable, light, multitenant, secure and virtualized linux-based infrastructure.
  • - Accessible with any device because made responsive (HTML5 and JS).
  • - 99,9% SLA reliability.

Flexible & Scalable

Our platform adapts to your needs. You can have as many screens as you want. Everywhere. Connect your team worldwide, our platform is in 8 languages. Integrated geolocation. Measurable ROI according to defined parameters.

Open & Secure

Videospot is a SaaS-based platform. Everything happens in the cloud. Your data are safely stored. You can connect any other existing app or smart object with our APIs.


No bigger than a credit card, 4K compatible and guaranteed 3 years.

Multi-languages, Multi-users, Agile

Client CRM, role / right management, complete logs and transparency for audibility 8 languages, tutorials, user-interface customization Digital and interactive

OS Compatible

Android, ChromeOS, SOC Samsung, WebOS LG

Control any screen

LG, NEC, Philipps, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, Xiaomi, Benq and many more, all you need is HDMI HD 4K with CEC.


In our partnership program, we recommend best practice to ensure compatibility and homogeneity of your player fleet.